Linux and audio–ugh

Over the years I’ve made a number of attempts to replace my day to day Windows use with the Linux distro of the week.  And those attempts have always ended in tears.

It’s the simple things.  Things you just expect to work.  Like your video.  Or your audio.  It seems to me that in the eyes of Linux you’re an entitled princess to expect both.

Back when Red Hat was the new “Windows-killer” I took the plunge and installed it.  I spent a week trying to get audio out of a Sound Blaster™ card–at that time the most common bog-standard audio card in existence.  My literally a genius room-mate of the time was stumped as well.  It simply didn’t work.

That was my first experience with Linux, and subsequently not a fond memory.

Now 20 years later I’m trying to coax audio out of a Raspberry Pi 2 and not making much headway.  I’m running Rasbian, and following 20 guides on how to get ALSA or PulseAudio to play nice has gotten me pretty much nowhere.

All I want this box to do–literally the only thing I’m going to ask of it is that it act as a Mumble client and play Mumble’s audio out of the 3.5mm jack.

Is that a lot to ask?

edit: so it appears Mumble isn’t compiled with ARM processors in mind, and I am not alone in not being able to get it to work.  Huh.