Unified Threat Management (UTM) for the home

Overkill?  Probably, but overkill is my middle name (actually, it’s Max).

More uses for outdated shit-boxes?  Count me in!

I used to roll pfSense at home, but due to my lack of BSD awesomeness it had some hiccups, and as we all know–internet hiccups are pretty low on WAF.


So I had a spare Q6600 begging to be put to use and I thought “hey, I’m a glutton for punishment–let’s take another crack at this.

I consulted Reddit and it seems that Sophos UTM 9 Home edition is absolutely adored.

Reddit Thread: Pfsense, ipfire or sophos utm home edition

Here are some links to get going:

Perform a basic configuration Sophos UTM in 12 simple steps

DHCP Config

UTM Tweaking Guide 2.0

Master List of Web Exceptions (hey Sophos, nice forum migration)

Update 01: Armed with nothing but the above, some resolve and a mere 4 hours of my time I’ve managed to migrate my home network off a Tomato-based router to this feature-packed beast.  Even have it playing nicely with my internal DNS server!

Update 02: Default blocking of .exe files really messes with the installation of Avira Anti-virus, as it attempts to download and execute an .exe without any notification it is doing so.  Had to create an exception to complete installation.  Learned to read logs to figure that one out.

Update 03: The recent Pi-Hole updates are seemingly too aggressive as Hotmail stopped working.  Need some tweaks…

Update 04: OK, now things are serious.  Daddy can’t play his games and keeps getting disconnected mid-match.  That ain’t gonna fly.  Sniffed all the addresses that Origin seems to use and whitelisted them.  Didn’t fix it.  Then I added my gaming PC to the transparent mode skiplist.  Seems to have helped?