This is something I’ve taken a crack at several times over several decades.  Now I think I’m actually getting somewhere…A great Primer to help you sort out all the lingo:

UHD 101: Demystifying 4K, UHD Blu Ray, wide color gamut, HDR, 4:4:4, 18Gbps and the rest

The meter you will want to buy, with the best Price-performance ratio is the i1Display Pro (Rev.B).  It is the most accurate colorimeter that won’t break the bank.  Yes it beats the Spyder 5.

A list of meter peak brightness.

Pattern Generator(s) / Sources


R.Masciola’s HDR Patterns

Chromecast – cheap and effective.  Not entirely accurate, but zoyd has written dithering correction factors so it is acceptable.
Plasmas and the use of APL patterns:

For example I had a customer which using my disk with LightSpace and eeColor for full video chain calibration with a Panasonic GT60. That TV was very unstable with any profiling using it’s max output for 11% Window patterns, for example to 120nits…… we performed a lot of test to find out why is not stable, using LightSpace and it’s RGB Separation charts (which not available to other software) and we found that GT60 was performing ultra stable only with peak white up to 80nits, with higher it has unstable. – ConnecTEDDD

Steve Shaw @ Light Illusion is not a fan of APL windows

they can easily distort the profiling, as they are artificially altering the display’s response to the actual colour patch.
The best sequences we find are the standard 21^3 Anisometric patch sequences, with a Drift Compensation of around 100 for displays that suffer ABL/ASBL, including HDR displays.
There is actually no set ideal size – is depends on your actual display’s characteristics.  But, it is easy to find the correct size for your display by performing a Primary Only Quick Profile, and comparing the results.  The correct size will show the best Gamma and RGB Separation.

Seems it’s possible I’m over-driving my Plasma at 120nit.

Zoyd, uses 8% windows on a 25% APL pattern for plasmas.  However, APL black levels will read higher, so one option would be to just set a fixed black level equal to whatever you measure (on my set I use 0.018 cd/m^2)

Using TED’s disc with HCFR.

Using your PC as a test generator?

3DLUT creation is not equal.  Here is a comparison from 2014.  More recently updated in 2015.  Argyll fares very well against commercial offerings, besting CalMAN and (until recently) edging out Lightspace.

An older tutorial on setting up DisplayCal for the eeColor.

Using custom profile sets in Lightspace for a Panasonic Plasma.