Home Routing 2017

Having previously explored a full UTM, pfSense, DD-WRT and Tomato, I’m revisiting EdgeOS.

Went with the Edgerouter-X, even though it performs a bit below the Edgerouter-Lite, as the Lite seems to be plagued by faulty internals.

Ran into an issue with it corrupting downloads that was supposed to be fixed, but I was still experiencing it on a firmware beyond 1.8.5.  Turning off acceleration is apparently the “workaround”.

I like the idea of running two subnets–one for regular devices on the network, and a seperate subnet of DMZ’d devices (gaming consoles).

This seems informative about how to accomplish that goal.

Here’s information on an optional QoS called FireQoS, (install help) and a visualization called netdata.